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What makes a good MBA resume? Many individuals underrate and underestimate the impact their resume may have on their application package. In addition, a common fundamental mistake when applying is to consider an existing “job-hunting” resume to be the same as a successful application resume for a graduate-level program. In fact, there are crucial differences that need to be taken into account. These types of resumes differ on several points:

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Audience – A company or any employer is looking for a skill set and numbers. They want to know who, what, when and where of your job history and its relevance to the current position you are applying for. They want to see if you can produce results for them based on your experience. An admissions representative is looking for how and why; they want to see you lay out the process and not simply lay out all your information. Eg. How did you come to this idea? Why did you decide to apply? What motivated you? Etc.

MBA Relevant Skills – A job resume lists the skills you need for a particular job you are applying to. An MBA resume needs to emphasize the skills that define you: growth and progression, leadership and teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

Focus on Leadership – Want to get accepted into an MBA program? Well, these programs accept only those individuals who can convince the admission officers or committee that they are LEADERS! Whereas a “regular resume” focuses on education and work experience, an MBA resume focuses on your leadership skills and examples of them.

Leave out the “Objective” – You will certainly not want to waste someone’s time and therefore leave out the objective header altogether. Since the main objective is to get accepted into business school, leave it out and save room for more relevant examples of your leadership skills or other experience.

When it comes to perfecting your MBA resume, you need a document that is polished, professional, readable and concise. A master of business administration resume is very specific and deserves special attention to ensure that it truly showcases the MBA skills of the applicant. In the MBA field, expect to encounter a lot of competition.

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MBA Resumes That Sell You!

At, we understand that a good first impression is crucial to any application or even closing a potential business deal. Your MBA resume needs to be dynamic and effective. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to SELL! How can this be done? Here are a few points that need to be touched upon to showcase your leadership and business skills:
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Be a team player – Although business schools want you to demonstrate your leadership skills they also want to see that you can work as a team member. Contrary to common perception, business schools only want to see that you can follow the common principle of appearing as a team member, acting independently while acknowledging your success in terms of “we”.

Express confidence – Be direct and honest about your achievements! If something you did led to a successful project then you should state it as such. Business schools want to know that you can gauge a particular situation indirectly and confidently.

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Be authentic! – If you did not do something do not twist the facts to your favor! Although business is viewed as a “cut-throat” enterprise and a battle for profits, other leaders want to know that you can compete aggressively with the competition, but work honestly with team members.

Focus on education and experience – The key to a great MBA resumes is minimal distraction of the reader. The individuals who review your resume will want to see your education first and experience second. All other information will be considered at best a distraction. Focus on the the most relevant and salient points. An MBA resume should be one-page maximum!

Your potential must be on full display when it comes to employers. With so many people competing for a job at any certain time, the writers employed have the ability to take your resume and make it stand out above the others. Our writers have years of experience in career consulting, professional writing, and resume development. Many times, our clients want a fresh take on their resume and that is exactly what we can provide for them. We ensure that your work history shines through and we market your achievements. Your resume is a marketing tool that should be in balance with your capabilities and it is a tool that you will need over the course of your career. We understand that and we provide superior writers to help you achieve your goals.

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